Is gambling income taxable in south africa

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casino on i-35 in texas paris casino lv HAWAIIAN GARDENS CASINO LOS ANGELES and over casino california If you were to be technical, Lebola would in my mind be taxed as a Capital Gain in terms of the South African Income Tax Act. You could also however argue that it qualifies as a donation and then place a market value on such stock. Salary and emoluments payable by a foreign government, which carries on business activities in South Africa, to its employees, could also be taxable in South Africa. (The taxability of this income may be affected by a tax treaty.). There is no group taxation in South Africa. Each company is, therefore, taxed as a separate of creative arts, farming, gambling or betting) may only be claimed against the income derived from that particular trade. Foreign companies are taxable on South African -sourced income at a rate of 28%.

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